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Kids Spell 2.1 Antivirus Report

   Kids Spell software have been tested by team on 8 June 2006 against viruses, spyware, adware and was founded to be 100% clean.
  However, we can't guarantee that the software have not changed since we have checked, but we will recheck this software periodically to assure users that it remain clean.

Note: this award offered by should be used only by the author/publisher of the Kids Spell software.

Kids Spell 2.1 Antivirus Report

   creating: Kids Spell/
   inflating: Kids Spell/Kids Spell.prc  
   inflating: Kids Spell/KidsSpell2_HighResolution.pdb  
   inflating: Kids Spell/KidsSpellLowResolution.pdb  
   inflating: Kids Spell/Read me.txt  
Scanning Kids Spell/KidsSpell2_HighResolution.pdb
              Kids Spell/KidsSpell2_HighResolution.pdb: OK
Scanning Kids Spell/KidsSpellLowResolution.pdb
              Kids Spell/KidsSpellLowResolution.pdb: OK
Scanning Kids Spell/Kids Spell.prc
              Kids Spell/Kids Spell.prc: OK
Scanning Kids Spell/Read me.txt
              Kids Spell/Read me.txt: OK
Scanning OK

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Scanned directories: 2
Scanned files: 5
Infected files: 0
Data scanned: 5.41 MB
Time: 2.416 sec (0 m 2 s)

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Kids Spell 2.1 Description:

Show colorful objects and hints. Prompt kids to spell the whole word.
Have 3 levels of difficulty for learning. For the easiest level, the software shows 26 basic words and 10 numbers. For the medium and difficult levels, it has more words.
Check the correctness of spelling. For wrongly spelled words, the program will give users a few more times to spell the word until showing the answer.
Built-in with soft keyboard in the same layout as a computer so that kids can get familiar with computer keyboard sooner.
Kids proof. The Graffiti area and all buttons (except Power button) are locked. This program has to be explicitly exited before another other program can be launched. This minimizes the chance for a kid to mess around other important data.

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