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ADD 1)   ADD 12000
Advanced Data Download, Such software makes possible to download free of charge data of all the Markets of the world.

Interest Calculator 2)   Interest Calculator 2.9.5
Calculate total after interest added for any sum for any period with a single click. Find out how much you will have if you invested $1,000 on the first day of January this year at a rate of 5.75% etc.. Free one month trial. Only $4.95.

Make Funny Pictures 3)   Make Funny Pictures 1.0
Make Funny Pictures - Small and easy to use program. Make Funny Pictures lets you create funny pictures of you for free so you can laugh. Make Funny Pictures will give you instant access to a free editing software so you can create funny pictures.

HSQuote Stock Quote Downloader 4)   HSQuote Stock Quote Downloader 1.89
Downloads free historical end-of-day stock quotes, indices, forex, commodities, mutual funds, bonds & metals, on major exchanges AROUND the WORLD, in MetaStock, text or spread-sheet format; works with most popular technical analysis software packages

Anthony Robbins 5)   Anthony Robbins 1.0
Anthony Robbins - Small and easy to use application. You will have a lot of information about Anthony Robbins all in one place. Anthony Robbins is very easy to be accessed from your own desktop. Anthony Robbins.

Checkbookease Freeware 6)   Checkbookease Freeware 1.0
CHECKBOOKEASE Freeware Checkbook/Budget, one beautiful window with 20 color backgrounds. Single window, allows view of checkbook register and family budget while entering transactions. Easy checkbook balancing, printing and powerful search.

LoanAnalyst (Sony/Ericsson P800/P900) 7)   LoanAnalyst (Sony/Ericsson P800/P900) 1.10
LoanAnalyst helps professionals as well as individual loan seekers analyze the various loan parameters to make an informed loan decision. Packed with several powerful loan analysis features, ability to send loan information via SMS, and save Loans.

Home Bookkeeping 8)   Home Bookkeeping 5.2
If you do not have the discipline to keep full control over your budgeting, powerful bookkeeping software such as Home Bookkeeping can help you to become much more careful with your spending and protect yourself from debt.

Monthly Income and Expense Tracker 9)   Monthly Income and Expense Tracker 4.0
Track your monthly detailed income and expenses with this powerful, easy-to-use program. Your data is input by categories (such as 'Electricity' and 'Mortgage/Rent') that you define. Entries may be tied to a bank account or credit card account.

Betting Genius 10)   Betting Genius 3.0
Betting Genius is a powerful sports management and prediction tool, that enables you to track your favorite leagues, download regularly updated league files from the internet and get very accurate predictions on upcoming matches.

Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia GSM phones 11)   Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia GSM phones 1.9.1
Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia GSM phones program allows you to manage your Nokia (models 3***, 51**, 62**, 8***) using PC. This version allows IrDA or DAU-9P cable. Phonebook, Calendar, SMS, Logo management, import form MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, CSV.

Loan Calc 12)   Loan Calc 2.4.2
Loan Calc is an easy-to-use tool intended to calculate loans and mortgages repayments in a very simple way. Loan Calc calculates repayments amount, monthly and total interest, total repayments and generates a full repayment list from a start date.

Retirement Savings Planner 13)   Retirement Savings Planner 2005.4
Quick. Simple. Visual way to plan your Retirement Savings strategy. Rated 5 Stars by ZDNet. As seen in Barron's, PC Computing, and PC World. Continually updated since 1995. Are you saving enough for retirement? This software will tell you.

Automatic Link Exchange 14)   Automatic Link Exchange 1.0
Automatic Link Exchange - Small and easy to use application. Automatic Link Exchange is easy to install and can be opened from your desktop. Personal Finance Directory - Automatic Link Exchange.

My Checkbook 15)   My Checkbook 3.0.0
My Checkbook makes managing your personal finances a snap. With simple daily entry and automatic balance features, you'll never bounce a check again! Easily manage your automatic transactions with the schedule feature or use it to remind you.

Simple Home Budget 16)   Simple Home Budget
Simple Home Budget is a personal budget manager for home users. It'll let you analyze income and expenses in the graphic chart and help you pinpoint costs and areas of excessive expenditure to control your finances more efficiently.

Counterbalanced Forklift 17)   Counterbalanced Forklift 1.0
Counterbalanced Forklift - Small and easy to use application. Looking for Counterbalanced Forklift ? Counterbalanced Forklift is easy to install and will run from your desktop. Low prices, fast delivery, great place to buy new forklifts for sale.

RMRFuel (PPC) - Fuel Consumption Tracker V1.2 18)   RMRFuel (PPC) - Fuel Consumption Tracker V1.2
This program allows you to track the fuel consumption and associated expenses for a number of vehicles.

iCash 19)   iCash 6.3
iCash is a software intended to control your personal finance, keeping track of incomes, expenses, credits, debts and Banks transactions for you. As simple as creating the accounts you need and move money between them!

Tradingbasis - Tools for Amibroker 20)   Tradingbasis - Tools for Amibroker 3.26
The Tradingbasis Tools are designed to improve your trading performance significantly and to make it much easier than ever before to find profitable trading patterns. You can find your favorite patterns with just a few mouse clicks.

Early Mortgage Payoff 21)   Early Mortgage Payoff 1.06
Many home owners are not fully aware how much money can be saved in interest expense by shortening the life of a mortgage. Early Mortgage Payoff was written to show the homeowner the HUGE savings that can be realized by making additional payments.

Checklist Investor 22)   Checklist Investor 4.02
Stock Market Investment Software for the Intelligent Investor. Make Better Decisions by following a systematic approach using the strategies of the all time investing greats (Buffett, Graham, Lynch, etc.).

MyLife Pocket Money - Personal Accounts 23)   MyLife Pocket Money - Personal Accounts 6.00
A personal finance Sw with investments, gifts & interest calculator. it has easy data entry and powerful account analysis. Do budgets, monthly bills, major expenses, future payments, charts, savings, reports, import-export of *.qif and xls files.

Easy Money 24)   Easy Money 5.2
Easy Money is a personal income and expense tracking program. Record line items under an unlimited number of user-defined categories. Generates simple reports and also exports data. Macro utility for recurring entries. Fast and easy to use!

TradingSolutions 25)   TradingSolutions 3.1
Financial analysis and investment software that combines traditional technical indicators with state-of-the-art neural network and genetic algorithm technologies to create remarkably effective trading models for stocks, futures and forex.

Graphic Accounts 26)   Graphic Accounts 1.3
A powerful personal financial planning and budgeting tool . Dynamic dual-chart display. Adjust all amounts with easy-to-see spin controls. Instant visual feedback on all changes. Integrated tools to optimize expenditure and synchronize with budget.

Real Estate Calculator Suite 27)   Real Estate Calculator Suite
It makes real estate math easy! Includes 16 real estate, mortgage and financial calculators; a Mortgage Documentation Checklist, a Mover's To Do List, and a Home Inspection form. If real estate math gives stress, Real Estate Calculator Suite helps!

RICalc Home 28)   RICalc Home 1.1.9
Financial calculator for Mortgage, Loan, Lease, Savings, Fund & Retirement. Statistics, Scientific & Graphing calculator to solve algebraic equations, derivatives and integrals.

Mrtgcalc - Mortgage, Lease and Loan Calculators 29)   Mrtgcalc - Mortgage, Lease and Loan Calculators 5.0
Mrtgcalc is a loan calculator allowing users to manage and analyse all types of loans including mortgage, home, auto car lease and student loans. With full amortization breakdowns for each loan, capital repayment scenarios and save/restore facilities

SmartMedium FINANCE 30)   SmartMedium FINANCE 2.30
With SmartMedium FINANCE you can analyse your income and expenses and create detailed reports and graphs. Add transactions manually or import them from online banks. Categorise your transactions and create interactive bar charts and trend lines.

Money Discoverer 31)   Money Discoverer 2.65
The software is designed for personal finance and home economy accounting. It has a beautiful and intuitively understandable interface. Convenient and fast information input, visual data presentation. Debts, moneyboxes. Multicurrency.

Mortgage Advisor 32)   Mortgage Advisor 1.29
Mortgage Advisor allows you to analyze and optimize your mortgage. Learn how to pay off your mortgage sooner and save money at the same time. View detailed schedules showing a breakdown of your mortgage over time and perform "What if" calculations.

Qnotes 33)   Qnotes 1.1.10
Qnotes is a personal database that allows you to organize passwords, notes, attach documents, and secure confidential information. Text, subject headings, and category names are encrypted and can be password protected. Searchable and easy to use.

Visual Mortgage Loan Calculator 34)   Visual Mortgage Loan Calculator 1.02
Visual Mortgage Loan Calculator calculates monthly payments of a home mortgage loan, interest,principal and amortization tables. It could help you to choose the right loan and save thousands of dollars through careful loan planning and managing.

Equity Evaluator Stock Quotes, Analysis, Picks 35)   Equity Evaluator Stock Quotes, Analysis, Picks 6.1.0
Equity Evaluator, Stock Market Software, gets real time stock quotes, end of day quotes, historical quotes, and fundamenal data. It performs technical and fundamental analysis to generate stock picks. Superb graphics. Setup wizard included.

HomeBanker 36)   HomeBanker V1.20
HomeBanker is a very easy-to-use all-in-one personal finance manager.

Home bookkeeping Lite 37)   Home bookkeeping Lite 5
You say you don't have the discipline to control your budgeting? With Home Bookkeeping, it's a snap! It's your chance to finally become a savvy spender and protect yourself from the danger of debt.

3click Budget 38)   3click Budget 1.1
3click Budget - Your personal Finance Manager. Easy way for tracking your money. Detailed reports and graphics illustrate where your money flows. This allows you easily to increase your savings.

TheShareTracker 39)   TheShareTracker 1.01
The Share Tracker is a software program to track your stock market purchases and sales.

Balloon Amortization + 40)   Balloon Amortization + 1.2
This program is a version of a balloon payment schedule that demonstrates the effect of reducing initial payments and either making a large payment at the end of the balloon period or refinancing the loan. It will run under Win95,98,Me, & XP

CharTTool 41)   CharTTool 2.18
CharTTool is an advanced stock market charting software that instantly allows you to display several technical charts of stocks, mutual funds, currencies or market indices in intraday or end of day chart format. Technical analysis is also available.

Money on Thread 42)   Money on Thread 1.0.0
Money on Thread is the best application to keep tracking of your home budget: multiple accounts, credit cards, car rates etc. Download from

Phoenix Suns Tickets 43)   Phoenix Suns Tickets 1.0
Phoenix Suns Tickets - Buy Phoenix Suns tickets online right now. Get instant access to the number one seller of Phoenix Suns tickets. We provide the best prices for Phoenix Suns. Phoenix Suns Tickets.

Janitorial Services Boston 44)   Janitorial Services Boston 1.0
Janitorial Services Boston - Small and easy to use application. Janitorial Services Boston will give you instant access to EBS, your source for janitorial and building services in the Boston, MA area. Easy to install.

RichOrPoor 45)   RichOrPoor 3.20
RichOrPoor is a full-featured financial software package for individuals, families, and small businesses. Track income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and much more. It gives you over 30 reports so you can get the total picture of your finances.

Fractional Real Estate 46)   Fractional Real Estate 1.0
Fractional Real Estate - Small and easy program. Fractional Real Estate will get you instant access to fractional real estate articles, tips, information and more. Very easy to install and use. Fractional Real Estate will run from your own desktop.

myLoanHero 47)   myLoanHero 2.0
5 critical mortgage calculators: mortgage payment, interest only mortgage payment, amortization schedule, rent vs. buy decision and How much can I borrow. Gotta have it mortgage reports and articles from ex-mortgage brokers: 11 Deadly Mistakes When Applying For A Mortgage....

Invisalign 48)   Invisalign 1.0
Invisalign - This small and easy to use application will give you instant access to valuable information regarding Invisalign. Invisalign Costs, Reviews and more. All you need to know. Invisalign.

Money Manager 49)   Money Manager 1.00
Take control of your budget with Money Manager. This personal budget software allows you to manage checking, savings, credit cards, loans, debt accounts. You can even create your own account types!

Make Money Using Paypal 50)   Make Money Using Paypal 1.0
Receive Up To 2,000 Dollars Directly To Your Paypal Account. Join now and receive free things. Wish4Free brings you the latest products for FREE.

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